A carefully assembled network is what makes the difference

Intelog is a small company with significant resources at its disposal.
This is because we are completely free to select our suppliers and agents at every stage in the logistics chain and even worldwide. As we are open to new talent and those who share our values, our network has been fashioned to handle almost any transport operation with the same quality of service. This is not the case with large groups which have rigid, inflexible structures.



Here are some examples of complex operations performed by Intelog:


  • consolidation of containers in China with delivery to multiple European sites
  • re-routing of containers already in transit to ensure “just in time” delivery to a trade fair


  • transportation of underwater machines to lay telecommunications cables and installation of special stopover carrier ships in Asia.
  • logistics assistance for the installation of gas bottling factories in at-risk destinations: Iraq, Sudan, etc.


  • Delivery of OOG electrical transformers from Asia to sites from Sakaté to Benin.
  • transportation of marble (1500T) from Carrara (Italy) to Baku (Azerbaijan) for a State construction site
  • transportation of containers from Antwerp, by conventional sea and air transport to a remote site in Algeria (under military protection).